Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Key Elements of Serving - By Nita

Hello world!! one of the things I love to do is serve the Lord and when it comes to being a servant of Christ you have to learn about servitude and what it means. Here is a post I got from a forum I frequent on this website

It's not about you: this concept teaches a servant that when you're serving in any capacity, you should not consider yourself or you own needs. This is the time to consider the needs of others and place yours on the back burner. There is plenty of time to deal with your needs and issues (in private counsel), just not when you're serving. This concept also teaches that servants aren't seeking any gratification or praise in return of their serving.

Presentation: this concept teaches a servant that presentation is everything!!! You want to ensure that servants are aware that they are not serving the person (i.e. Bishop, Pastor, etc…) they are serving as unto the Lord. This goes for display tables, your personal appearance and the appearance of those assisting you.

Spirit of Excellence: this concept teaches a servant to put their whole heart into what they are doing. Making sure things are coordinated in an organized and structured fashion. Sacrifice, Sacrifice,

Sacrifice: this concept teaches a servant that you will have to totally give of yourself to serve in any capacity. This may mean 2 hours of sleep; standing in heals all day, driving long distances (with only 2 hours of sleep), and long night talks with others who are in need. This concept also teaches a servant to be totally self-less.

Being Available: this concept teaches a servant that your time is not yours. You give your time to serve the body of Christ wherever there is a need. This may mean serving in a particular area where you may not feel very confident. (i.e. being asked to lead a worship song and you don't feel like you can sing very well)

Be Sharp: This concept is simple yet complex. When planning, hosting, or serving, there is always "things" that do not go as planned. Never show looks like you don't know what's going on. Even when things are going left, do you best to re-direct them right and always attempt to fix whatever the problem is._________________Content over Appearance Substance over Appeal MINISTRY

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