Monday, September 28, 2009

The Killings have to stop

Hey Ladies,
I was unfortunate to see the senseless killing of a 16yr old Chicago teen named Derrion Albert. I was so appalled and sadden by the display of anger and hatred shown towards one another. We as a people need to get our lives together, take back our schools, our kids, our neighborhoods and our cities. We have become so focused on material things, money, clothes and jewelry. We worry about how the next person is hatin us or thinking about us. We worry more about our social status than we do about the impact of our actions on our families.

Our pride is found in the labels we wear printed across our chest, stitched on our butts, flowing down our leg, written across our hats, and hanging from our neck and wrists. You can find our pride in the labels Baby Phat, Sean Jean, Ed Hardy, Parda, Coach, D&G, Cartier, Girbaud, RocaWear, and many more. Not to say we shouldn’t look good or support those listed brands, but why are today’s youth and adults so focused on getting things. I want to see my people wear labels of Self Respect, Love, integrity, selfishness, faith, scholastic goals, dreams, possibilities, Respect for others, but first of all Fear of God

MosDef - Umi Says

We kill each other for less than nothing, over a beef that someone else had, or because this person dissed you with words. What is wrong with us? Parents need to step up & by becoming more involved with our community and schools. Our kids know what brands are the best and how to dress better than they can read in their current grade level. Where are our priorities at? What are we doing to take back our kids and how did we allow them to get like this. We’ve gotta do something fast, but before we do anything we have to change our habits, so that we can change our minds, change our minds so we can change our thoughts and change our thoughts so we can change our actions.

I’m tried of ready about young black men and boys being killed by other black men and boys. I’m tried of seeing my people claim sets, neighborhoods, & corners that they have no deed too. I’m tired of seeing our black women participate and enable the foolishness we put up from black men. Mothers needs to stop making excuses for these boys
This is just my little rant people may not like what I said but the truth hurts especially when it applies to you. Pray for the minds of our people so we can be free from the mental bondage that keeps us from seeing beyond and walking out of the invisible cells we’ve put ourselves in.

Lets get Free People

Nappturally Yours,


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey Ladies,

As promised I did a henna treatment!!! This was my first time so I took a little bit of advice from many people with wonderful hair!! I used many different ingredients I added to the henna. I wasn't really looking for color, but the moisturizing benefits of Henna. It was a little messy but I kept it under control and layered the bathroom floor with newspaper.

Here's the list of stuff I used -
Rainbow brand brown henna
Plain yogurt
Honey - humectant
Coconut Oil
Rosemary EO
Paprika (a Indian lady told me to add that)
Lemon Juice

Ok after I got the henna in my hair I sat under the heating cap for almost 3 hours & re-wetting the hair with lemon juice every hour. I rinsed the henna out of my hair in the kitchen sink instead of the shower because I was scared it would stain the tub.
(After taking the heating Cap off)

I rinsed my hair nearly 8 times including the shampoos. I didn’t realize how gritty the henna was and I noticed tiny twigs and grit!! So, the next henna treatment I will be sifting and straining the henna before using it. After all of the rinsing and washing I parted my hair and put on my fav moisturizing conditioner & oil and sat under the heating cap for 45 minutes. After rinsing the Deep conditioner out I parted may fro in 4 sections, put my hair in 4 puff balls, put my silk scarf on and went to bed!

My hair this morning before going to church was so so so extra soft and manageable all day!! I can't wait to henna again

Nappturally Yours,

Soul Session Columbus Ohio

Hey Ladies,

Well I went out Friday night to a christian event called Soul Sessions. I really really enjoyed myself. It was my first time going to one and I can't wait to go to another! It was a concert and boy was the line up heavy!! The feature artist Mali Music was absolute fire and some of Columbus Ohio's best was in the house The Street Pastor and J-Flue of Slingshot Media Group There were some vendors there showcasing their businesses. I wish I wasn't in between blessings that day I would have gotten me a Christ Swag Tee!!! Below are some pictures from the night enjoy!!

Also, Please checkout the websites of each artist and support them!!
The Street Pastor just dropped another MIXTAPE and it FREE go get it!!!

For more info on Mali Music please check out his site

Me & The Street Pastor aka Mr. AndYouAlreadyKno The Incomparable J-Flue and Trev-Eaz
Sorry for the blurry blackberry pics

Nappturally Yours,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Henna, Fellowship & Twitter

Hey Ladies,
I missed blogging!!! I finally have some free time to tell you about my next Natural Hair adventure!! I bought some henna from Whole foods and I’m going to give myself a Henna treatment. I’ve been researching trying to find the best method and tonight I will be applying the treatment. I can’t wait to show you guys the results!

On Friday Nights I usually go to youth and young adult prayer at my church, but tonight I’m gonna go to a Christian event called Soul Sessions. I really want to here this guy sing and I don’t want to miss prayer. Since we have prayer every Friday I’m sure the Lord will allow me to miss just one Friday!

I’m on Twitter now so come follow me and get in on the #NaturalHair hour where naturals tweet about everything Natural Hair. Talk to ya later!!

Nappturally Yours,


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Brooklyn Six

Today while driving to work I was listening to the Tom Joyner Morning show and the commentator segment came on. On this segment they were talking about 6 young black professionals that went on a vacation cruise and they stopped on the island of Antigua. A cabbie offered to take the vacationers on a tour around the island for $50.00 but before the driver was to take them back to the boat the cabbie added an extra fee of $100.00. Of course the young tourist not wanting to be cheated told the cabbie they were not paying a extra $100.00 to be taken back to the cruise ship. Well, the cabbie drove them to police station where they were interrogated and mistreated. Somewhere during that time a fight broke out between the tourist and the police. I got so disgusted about the story because if it had been six Caucasian journalist or professionals who had gone missing. This story would have made national news, with updates every 10 minutes on Nancy Grace talking about a conspiracy theory.

I don’t understand why other stories similar about our white brothers and sisters seem to get more news coverage when something happens to them than those of other races. If a group of black kids or young adults were involved in an extremely violent crime it would receive more news coverage. I find that very sad and disheartening that those six individuals have been locked up since the beginning of this month and we are just finding out about it. It was said that the parents of the tourist have tried contacting their local Senators and Representatives only to give information to deaf ears and no response. What good is it to have someone to represent and protect the rights of the American people when the person in office can’t even issue a statement or assign for someone to contact the families. To read the article CLICK HERE