Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hey Ladies,

As promised I did a henna treatment!!! This was my first time so I took a little bit of advice from many people with wonderful hair!! I used many different ingredients I added to the henna. I wasn't really looking for color, but the moisturizing benefits of Henna. It was a little messy but I kept it under control and layered the bathroom floor with newspaper.

Here's the list of stuff I used -
Rainbow brand brown henna
Plain yogurt
Honey - humectant
Coconut Oil
Rosemary EO
Paprika (a Indian lady told me to add that)
Lemon Juice

Ok after I got the henna in my hair I sat under the heating cap for almost 3 hours & re-wetting the hair with lemon juice every hour. I rinsed the henna out of my hair in the kitchen sink instead of the shower because I was scared it would stain the tub.
(After taking the heating Cap off)

I rinsed my hair nearly 8 times including the shampoos. I didn’t realize how gritty the henna was and I noticed tiny twigs and grit!! So, the next henna treatment I will be sifting and straining the henna before using it. After all of the rinsing and washing I parted my hair and put on my fav moisturizing conditioner & oil and sat under the heating cap for 45 minutes. After rinsing the Deep conditioner out I parted may fro in 4 sections, put my hair in 4 puff balls, put my silk scarf on and went to bed!

My hair this morning before going to church was so so so extra soft and manageable all day!! I can't wait to henna again

Nappturally Yours,


ebonyQuean4u said...

Did you notice much color?

MoZaic said...

Hi EbonyQuean4u!! Well, henna just tints your hair it really doesn't dye it. If your hair is black its like putting a rinse in your hair. You'll see the red tint when it's in the sun.

You will see henna thats says burgundy, black, blonde, etc. but there is something else in the henna it's not natural. Its best to buy henna from an Indian Market or from online