Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration

Today I was out in Dublin, OH running and errand I stopped at this bridal shop just to see what they had and I was speechless. I've been kind of nonchalant about the whole wedding planning thing but after walking in the that store and looking at all those beautiful dresses I just got so super super inspired to drop some pounds, look for bridesmaid dresses, photographers and much more..

Since, I'm a music inspired person I'm always looking out for music that I would use at my wedding and I recently heard a song on the radio that made me tear a little bit. I haven't really cared for many Usher Raymond songs since I was a teen until I heard "Here I Stand" that song is the absolute bomb!!!! I need to find someone to sing that for real!!! Take listen if you have heard it yet below.

I'm still unsure about what colors I'm going to use for my wedding and the reason why I'm so unsure is because the Ceremony location which is my church, the decor is bright red!! My favorite color is Purple and I think the red would over power the purple I want to use. So, now I'm on the quest to find a color that will go with the red decor or a easy and tasteful way to hide the red.
Well, there will be more to come until then be blessed.

Monday, December 8, 2008

On the subject of friends and such

It's funny to find out how much people really are concerned with you. I have 2 friends that live in Cincy and they know the area better than I do because they lived there their entire lives. Well I called both of them for a suggestion on where I could get my hair braided and 1 of them said she didn't know and the other one well never called me back. I hate to assume that she just didn't call me back but it wouldn't be the first time. She's one of those that umm thinks the world revolves around them and if it's not the latest gossip well you can forget it.

I try to return every call, email, letter, message that I receive and I just think it's a lil tacky not to return calls, etc. I have friends I don't talk to everyday but if I call them I know they will answer and willl help a sistah out.

Well, my hair is growing like crazy!!! I now have to find me someone who can braid without pulling brain matter through my scalp!!! No matter how much I stress to the person doing my hair they can't make it that tight she just doesn't seem to understand. So, now it's time to find me a regular braider with a good price. I went to the Africans and they wanted to charge me $85 for some braids braided up and put in a bun and I wanted them kind of big so it would have been maybe 10-12 braids tops. They basically ran me out the door when I heard eight lol...

I'm ready to do the big chop and cut all of the permed ends off because my hair keeps getting tangled, but I want it to be a little bit longer.

Well, I have to go I'm spending time with my boo.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Transition

On my journey to a napptural state of hair, I have been researching many different options to finding the right hair style, hair products and hair stylist for me. Everyone has different hair and scalp issues and everything doesn’t work for everybody. So, I found a few products that I’m going to be trying and even a hair stylist that may fit my needs. For anyone who is new to going natural like myself please take a look at all the information that is below.

One of the first things I looked into when I decided to go natural was “How to Transition from Processed to Natural hair. So, I googled how to go natural and I found quite a few sites some looked kind of bootleg and then there the well put together sites. The first site I looked into was
TreasuredLocks.com. They had several articles that talked about what to expect, how to transition, hair styles and products. The first article I read was about going transitioning to natural. There were 3 main options listed that give you the choices that will suite your own individual needs cutting off the relaxed hair aka (The Big Chop), Braids or Extensions, and Sisterlocks.

The BIG Chop
When I saw the first option I immediately got scared and envisioned what I would look like without hair (A HOT MESS!!) So, I naturally decided “The Big Chop” is not exactly for me. I’m just not that bold. Although; this would be the easiest way to transition because it leaves you with no permed hair to miss, shed or detangle. I just prefer not to do so.


This is the option that I’m choosing to transition to natural hair. I will be getting my braids done soon and I can’t wait!! Braids will allow me to grow my hair out to desired length before I decide to cut the permed hair off. Braids or a FULL Sew in weave will also help you to keep your hands out of your hair for a couple of weeks or a few months


Everyone knows what dreadlocks are, but not to many know what Sisterlocks are. Sisterlocks are just like dreadlocks they just add real human hair and they are smaller than most locks. I went to a consultation to find out more information about the Sisterlocks. The consultant I went to see she was really nice and knowledgeable. I don’t think this option is for me but the locks really look nice.

So those are the 3 options that I’ve looked into please visit the links provided and take a look at all of the resourceful information that you can use. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the different options and also leave any tips that you may have about going natural

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Exploring my Roots

OMG I'm going NATURAL!!!!!!!!!! I just cant believe it myself

I've made the decision to grow out and manage my natural hair due to my battle with Seborrheic Dermatitis. Seborrheic Dermatitis is a condition like eczema that can affect your face, scalp and other parts of your body where hair grows by over producing oil causing your scalp to flake really really bad. Some of my dandruff was so bad that if I scratched it my scalp would bleed. I was so tired of getting perms and my scalp ending up with sores all over, I finally said enough is enough. If you would like to know more about Seborrheic Dermatitis click this link http://www.webmd.com/video/seborrheic-dermatitis

When I tell people I'm going natural they believe I'm actually going crazy because I have very thick hair. For the most part I have a very good grade of hair it's just extremely thick. I love my thick hair because when I get it done it's always full and beautiful, some people even ask if my hair was a wig. I'm not sure what my family is going to think , but I'm sure they will have their objections as usual.

My scalp issues are not the only reason I chose to journey down this road; it also has to do with my walk with Christ. I'm striving to become more of a Godly Woman and walk where ever he guides me. You may ask well, what does going natural have to do with Christ. Well, as Christians we want to become more like Christ, we want to learn to put all our trust in him, believe that he'll provided all of our wants and needs, and live our lives according to his Word and Will. Going natural for me is also saying Lord I'll learn to work with what you gave me.

In our lives we modify things to make things easier for us or to try to make things "better" than what it was. When we modify things or alter the natural state from what it was given to us the outcome can be good or bad.
  • Genesis 1:27 says ....God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

So, when God created me and my so called Nappy hair I was created in the likeness of him and their is nothing more perfect or more beautiful than that.

As black people we are have been trained to believe that our grade of hair is bad hair and is not pretty or acceptable to wear. So, we put chemicals in our hair that makes it weak and causes it to break so that our hair be straight and pretty. When, all along our hair was pretty from the beginning. It saddens me to see little girls at the age of 3 and up with permed hair; we don't know how to care for our own hair any more and it's ridiculous.
So, today I take my part in journey back to the Root of it all