Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Inspiration

Today I was out in Dublin, OH running and errand I stopped at this bridal shop just to see what they had and I was speechless. I've been kind of nonchalant about the whole wedding planning thing but after walking in the that store and looking at all those beautiful dresses I just got so super super inspired to drop some pounds, look for bridesmaid dresses, photographers and much more..

Since, I'm a music inspired person I'm always looking out for music that I would use at my wedding and I recently heard a song on the radio that made me tear a little bit. I haven't really cared for many Usher Raymond songs since I was a teen until I heard "Here I Stand" that song is the absolute bomb!!!! I need to find someone to sing that for real!!! Take listen if you have heard it yet below.

I'm still unsure about what colors I'm going to use for my wedding and the reason why I'm so unsure is because the Ceremony location which is my church, the decor is bright red!! My favorite color is Purple and I think the red would over power the purple I want to use. So, now I'm on the quest to find a color that will go with the red decor or a easy and tasteful way to hide the red.
Well, there will be more to come until then be blessed.

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rebirth0313 said...

Lovely song... I feel like I've heard this song before??? But anway, it is very fitting.