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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Curly Hair I Don't Care - Forum

Hey Ladies,

I wanted to post about a new forum that was recently created by the blogging Diva Krissy90220 from Addicted To All Things Pretty. The forum of course is dedicated to us kinky, knotty, & curly girls to talk about all things Natural Hair. Please show your support and love for our fellow sistah!! Listed below are all her sites you can follower her at.

Krissy's Twitter:

Curly Hair Don't Care Forum:

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bought some new stuff

Hey Ladies,

I went to Target yesterday and I did come out of the store with money! I only spent about $20 for a change. I wanted to show you guys the earrings I bought they're extra cute and they were only 7.99.
The next thing I bought, was a hair product of course. Target is now selling natural hair products from Miss Jessie's, Curlz, & Jane Carter. There was another brand there called Shea Moisture that I was more interested in called Deep Treatment Masque. It was only 9.99 a very good price for a12oz jar. This product can be used as a deep conditioning treatment or as a styling creme.
Today I used it as a styling creme. I blew my hair out Friday evening and I did a boo-boo last night and didn't tie my hair up. I know thats a natural hair no no especially for loose naturals. So, needless to say I would up with dry hair and lint from my blanket!! I didn't want to spray it because my hair would shrink so I made the best of it! I must say my hair is really soft and it smells good too. I like the texture of the product it reminds me of homemade pudding for banana pudding lol


Well talk you you guys later 

Nappturally Yours,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The BIG chop: what to expect

Hey Ladies!!

I was on twitter and I asked my followers what should I write about that pertains to natural hair and my Sistar @Hunnidthaire said I should blog about what to expect and what not to expect after your big chop in regards to the texture of you’re hair. You hair texture will surprise you after you big chop! I was so fascinated with it I couldn’t keep my hand out of my hair. When I first did my big chop my hair just kind of coiled up, it was dry and I wasn’t sure on how to deal with it.

A lot of newbie naturals see how other people’s hair looks really nice; some of them have hair that is coily, kinky or curly. The curlier hair textures are loved by a lot of people and some have the expectation that they’re hair will be curly too, but boo let me tell you it’s not always true. Growing up I had a looser curl pattern but after having a perm for many years I have a tighter texture now. So, here is a list of things you should expect and shouldn’t expect after your big chop.

What not to expect:
Your hair to be really curly unless you were born with that type of hair
It will be completely manageable
Your curl pattern will be defined
Your hair will like the same products you’ve always used
Everybody is going to like you’re hair

What to expect:
Your curl pattern will change as it grows
You will not be able to stop touching your hair
That you will have to fall in love with your hair
Prepare to change some products
Prepare to learn a lesson in moisture

This post is just a FYI type of deal I could go deeper but I don’t have the time right now but I will go in on the whole first six months of being completely natural.

Nappturally yours,


My New Blog

Hey Ladies,

I started a new personal blog!! This blog will be just for Natural Hair stuff. So, please check out my new blog by clicking the link to Pretty MoZaic

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there making it happen for their families. I want to do a little pictorial tribute to my mother and my granny both who I love very much. My grandmother is no longer with us and I miss her so much, there is not a day that goes by without me constantly thinking about her. Hope everyone has a blessed mothers day!!!!

 Me & My Mom

Me & My Granny