Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bought some new stuff

Hey Ladies,

I went to Target yesterday and I did come out of the store with money! I only spent about $20 for a change. I wanted to show you guys the earrings I bought they're extra cute and they were only 7.99.
The next thing I bought, was a hair product of course. Target is now selling natural hair products from Miss Jessie's, Curlz, & Jane Carter. There was another brand there called Shea Moisture that I was more interested in called Deep Treatment Masque. It was only 9.99 a very good price for a12oz jar. This product can be used as a deep conditioning treatment or as a styling creme.
Today I used it as a styling creme. I blew my hair out Friday evening and I did a boo-boo last night and didn't tie my hair up. I know thats a natural hair no no especially for loose naturals. So, needless to say I would up with dry hair and lint from my blanket!! I didn't want to spray it because my hair would shrink so I made the best of it! I must say my hair is really soft and it smells good too. I like the texture of the product it reminds me of homemade pudding for banana pudding lol


Well talk you you guys later 

Nappturally Yours,


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