Thursday, July 30, 2009

MoZaic b4 the Napps lol

This is a Sho Nuff Throwback hunny!! & I'm going back to that size holla at me next july!!

I miss my hair cut some days

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LOL KGB Natural Weave Commercial

Extreme Soft Hair (YEA ME!!!)

Hey Ladies!!,
A few post ago I made some hair butter that I tweaked a little bit and I believe this is the best one yet I've made. I use it everyday in my daily regimen after I shower and let me tell you! My hair stays soft all day with a nice sheen to match! For those of you with Type 4 hair you can clearly relate to frustrations with finding a way to keep your hair soft and moisturized! My hair could be so dry it feels like a Brillo pad literally!!

I knew I really achieved something with my hair while at church one day, when one of the kids told me my hair feels like a pillow!! lol I was so happy!! Now if I could get my edges to be a little more full i would be so happy!! Check out the picks below of my new earrings from Ghana they are so cute and of course my pillow top hair!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

This woman needs to be dragged by her hair

Hey Ladies,

Check out this ignorant retard piss poor excuse of a mother try to come her daughters hair by pulling, yanking and ripping at it with a paddle brush and boar bristle brush. This poor baby is going to be traumatized!! Must warn you now you will get extremely angry!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vous me Manque (I miss you)

Hey Ladies,

Today has been good with the liquid diet!! I'm not really hungry which is good, but I've been wanting to cry all day. Since, my fiancee and I broke up it's hard adjusting to my life now without him. My friends say forget about him, he's this or he's that, but it's hard when you spent the last four years of your life being with someone and you still love them. I haven't been sad lately, today was just one of those days I wished I could talk to him about my day.

Keep me lifted up guys I really need it.....I miss you Jay <3

Nappturally Speaking,


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The First Day of My Liquid Diet

Hey Ladies, Today is the 1st day of my liquid diet and it has been a rough one for me. I get 3 shakes and 2 protein bars a day and that’s it!! I have to find me away to keep me busy!! Starting tomorrow I will be on the treadmill when I get to work for 30-45 minutes!! I have until 08/09/08 to loose 30 lbs or my surgery will have to be rescheduled. Pray for me!!!

Nappturally Yours,


Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Hair Regimen & products I love

My Daily Regimen
The products
· Trader Joes Aloe Vera Gel
· Trader Joes Vitamin E Oil
· Parachute Coconut Oil
· Pepper Rose hair butter

Wet hair while I'm in the shower and detangle with Wide tooth comb if I need to
Use a dry towel to remove just a little of the excess water

Squeeze a half dollar size amount of Aloe gel in my hands and apply to the front half of my hair

Squeeze another quarter sized amount of Aloe gel in my hand and apply it to the back half of my head.

Take my Parachute Coconut Oil, Trader Joes vitamin E oil and pour a palm size amount in my hair and apply to my hair or I take a tablespoon of my Peppermint hair butter and apply to my hair. I interchange the two depending on how I feel or if it's real hot outside I'll just use the coconut oil b/c the butter is a little oilier and it will run down your neck.

Since I have a not so teeny weenie afro I use a hair pic to shape it or i use my wide tooth comb to detangle. The Aloe gel also aids with detangling it makes it a little easier. Then I put my band on and wear it in a puff most days.
My Hair washing and conditioning regimen
The products
· Dr. Bonners Peppermint castile Soap
· Dudu Osun African Black Soap
· Avalon Organics Lavender nourishing Conditioner
· Silk Elements Cholesterol Conditioner
· Pepper Rose hair oil

Weekly Wash Routine
I wet my hair everyday, but I don't wash my hair but twice a week in the shower usually at the beginning and the end of the week.

I use the Dr. Bonners or Black soap just depends on how I feel that day and they both leave your hair soft and manageable.

After washing my hair I apply the Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Conditioner and I allow it to sit on my hair until I'm done taking my shower and I rinse it out before I get out.

Then I just follow my everyday routine listed above and let my hair air dry.

Deep Conditioning Routine
This is usually done when I wash my hair at the beginning of the week usually on a Sunday night when I can relax. The conditioner I choose to use depends on what my hair needs I don't use the protein conditioner but once a month. My weekly conditioning product is the Avalon Organics

After washing my hair I use a towel to take some of the excess water away but not too much because I want it to be wet.

I then squeeze a big heap of the conditioner in my hand and distribute evenly through my hair

I then part my hair and run my bottle of Pepper Rose oil down each part on my scalp. The Pepper Rose oil has a very refreshing sent and has wonderful ingredients like Coconut Oil, Castor oil, Virgin Olive oil JoJoba oil and some Essential oils

I place the plastic shower cap or grocery bag on my head go up to my room where my heating cap is already warm and ready to go.

Place the heating cap on my head and watch a good movie while sitting in bed or sometime sit on the computer and blog.

Most times I leave the heating cap on for a few hours, but sometimes I sleep with the cap on all night and rinse the conditioner out during my shower in the morning

Aloe Vera Gel
Silk Elements Conditioner

Vitamin E Oil

Coconut Oil

Pepper Rose Hair Butter

Finding a regimen that works for you

Hey Ladies,

When you decide to go natural it is the most exciting process ever and it's also frustrating. I love looking at all of the regimens and new products that people try in order to find that perfect product for their hair needs. Yet, I have a hair type that you don't see to many people blogging about. A lot of the more popular blogs are ran by sistahs with a looser hair type and curl pattern. I have found some sites that I follow from sistahs that are closer to my hair type which is 4a-4b, but not enough to where I feel like ok with trying what they are using.

I like to use products based on the needs of my hair & the ingredients in the product. I don't think you should run out to buy latest product just because So & So blogged about their 1st time using it. I at least want to see that person use the product for at least 2-3 weeks to see if it really works for their hair, one time doesn't get it with me. I really don't like commercial brand shampoo's because they make your hair dry with all of the SLS, mineral oil, alcohols and other stuff that is not good for your hair. I use natural soaps like Dr. Bonners or pure African black soap.

I don't use commercial hair grease or moisturizers because I just can't find a product that makes my hair feel the way I want it to. So in place of hair grease I use hair butter I personally make from shea butter and for moisturizer I use Aloe Vera Gel on wet hair when I get out of the shower seal my hair with coconut oil or the hair butter and go to work. The entire day I will not have to add any more product to my hair.

I don't use too many commercial conditioners because of the ingredients but the Silk Elements Cholesterol conditioner is my fav protein conditioner and I can't let it go even though it has mineral oil. That stuff just does wonders for my hair, when I need a protein treatment. My other fav conditioner is Avalon Naturals Lavender Nourishing conditioner. I love the smell, the lightness and the way my hair feels soft after using it. Yet, there is one down fall it attracts BEE's yeah the ones that sting you and buzz around flowers kinda bees. I was almost attacked by a bee trying to fly into my hair!!!! It thought I was a flower LOL!!!

Less is best!

There are some regimens I see that have like 9 million steps to them which is just too much and some of processes I just don't understand. For example: Co-washing why do you co-wash? I just don't get it. I tried it for the sake of trying it but I didn't notice a difference in my hair. I deep condition once a week and there is a such thing as over conditioning your hair. So, Co-washing just didn't float my boat, but some people swear by it.

Just find the right products for you ladies, use products that will benefit your hair type and learn about your hair type by following those who have hair similar to yours. I'm not saying you can't take tips from sistah's with other hair types but before you try the product make sure it's something that can work for you.

Nappturally Yours,


Thursday, July 9, 2009

No Swimming While Black

I was reading an article on today about how a group of African American children were asked to leave a swimming facility because of the ignorance and prejudice of others. It makes my skin crawl and my fist clinch when I hear about people mistreating children. Furthermore; it makes my nauseous to hear about racism in a society that has accomplished so much and prides it’s self on being a land of opportunity. As appalling as the situation may be there is a growing experience amongst the drama. Many will say I never want my children to have to experience racism, but that is a very unrealistic desire. Though parents will do everything they can to keep their child away from hurt, harm and danger. As children grow their way through each stage of life and to become productive adults, they must experience some bumps and bruises along the way. This experience will be for some of the children something they will never forget and it’s at the moment the situation unfolded the children learned that everyone is not nice and everything is not always fair in life.

This reminds me of my first experience with racism in the 6th grade. A friend named Carly invited me to her birthday party. I was so excited about going until the next day at school Carly came to me crying because she had to un-invite me to the party because her father said no black people could come. I didn’t know how to react, I just told her it was ok and not to worry about it. When actually I wanted to cry because I couldn’t go, but I just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go. When I got home I went to my Ma-maw’s house who is Caucasian and told her what happened and she yelled “oh now that just a bunch of Sh*t!!, he needs to have a foot stuck right up his a$$” Then her husband who I called Pa-paw said to me “not everyone is nice to black people and don’t ever think that all white people act like that girls father. People who treat others mean because of the color of their skin are just lower than a d@mn dog” After that experience my once jaded eyes had been open to the reality of the issues of racial discrimination. I started to pay more attention about how some family members referenced about how white folks do this or don’t do that or try to stop them from doing this or that. I also noticed how the ways I was treated by certain teachers in school, in the grocery store, on jobs or where ever I went. That experience taught me a lot about people and my family showed me how to deal with it and how not to deal with it. I hope the families of the children educate them about the ills of this world and how to overcome them by not stooping down to their level of other peoples ignorance.

Americans Marry other species...What the Fruit & Berries!!!

I saw this video about marriage and wanted to jump through the screen! I really don't care for FOX news too much any way. Take a look at this display of stupidity!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hair Butter

Hey Ladies,
Here is a hair butter I just made. It smells so so yummy! I used it today and my hair stayed soft all day!!

This one is made out of Shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil Rosemary EO & Pepperment EO
EO= essential oils

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Nappturally Sexy Men in Music

Here is a tribute some of the Nappturally Sexy Men in Music. Enjoy Ladies
Raheem DeVaughn
John Legend

Raphael Sadiqq


Maxwell (even tho his hair is cut now)

Eric Benet

Musiq (and he cut his har too)

Dwele ( I love this man)

Hairspirational Blog

Hey ladies,

I was reading some post on Black Girl With Long Hair and she posted about a beautiful Sistah who blogs about her experience and battle with Alopecia due to using chemicals, perms, weaves and dyes.

If you are thinking about going natural or if you are natural, but thinking of perming your hair again. PLEASE GO TO THIS SITE. Not to say that your hair will fall completely out if you use chemicals, but view this as a warning of something that could not only happen to you but to those we love.

Check out the site here

Nappturally yours,



Hey Ladies,

One of my favorite natural hair products company is having a 4th of July sale!! Try the Hair Oil it really works and is well worth the price!! The details are listed below!!

Komaza's 4th of Jule Sale! Komaza Care would like to offer you 10% off your purchase made this 3rd, 4th and 5th. Please be sure to enter the word SAVE as the coupon code during checkout to take advantage of your 10% discount. Thank you all for your continuing support and suggestions to keep us growing and becoming better at what we do! Thank You! See who is in the Spotlight this month! Please visit for submission rules. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dominique Howard

Hey Ladies,

I’m always on the look out for new music to listen to and I stumbled across this delightful lady on a Ning network called True D.I.V.A.S. Dominique Howard is Neo-Soul gospel artist with soulful sultry voice. I listened to her 1st single "Keepin On" from her website which is listed below and it really really blessed my soul. I’m a tough customer when it comes to music because I sing myself and when I here someone like Dominique sing you better believe I’m running to find the Album. So, if you’re looking for some new uplifting and inspirational music check out Ms. Dominique its well worth it. Her new album just released on June 16th 2009 titled Chapters.