Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Hair Regimen & products I love

My Daily Regimen
The products
· Trader Joes Aloe Vera Gel
· Trader Joes Vitamin E Oil
· Parachute Coconut Oil
· Pepper Rose hair butter

Wet hair while I'm in the shower and detangle with Wide tooth comb if I need to
Use a dry towel to remove just a little of the excess water

Squeeze a half dollar size amount of Aloe gel in my hands and apply to the front half of my hair

Squeeze another quarter sized amount of Aloe gel in my hand and apply it to the back half of my head.

Take my Parachute Coconut Oil, Trader Joes vitamin E oil and pour a palm size amount in my hair and apply to my hair or I take a tablespoon of my Peppermint hair butter and apply to my hair. I interchange the two depending on how I feel or if it's real hot outside I'll just use the coconut oil b/c the butter is a little oilier and it will run down your neck.

Since I have a not so teeny weenie afro I use a hair pic to shape it or i use my wide tooth comb to detangle. The Aloe gel also aids with detangling it makes it a little easier. Then I put my band on and wear it in a puff most days.
My Hair washing and conditioning regimen
The products
· Dr. Bonners Peppermint castile Soap
· Dudu Osun African Black Soap
· Avalon Organics Lavender nourishing Conditioner
· Silk Elements Cholesterol Conditioner
· Pepper Rose hair oil

Weekly Wash Routine
I wet my hair everyday, but I don't wash my hair but twice a week in the shower usually at the beginning and the end of the week.

I use the Dr. Bonners or Black soap just depends on how I feel that day and they both leave your hair soft and manageable.

After washing my hair I apply the Avalon Organics Lavender Nourishing Conditioner and I allow it to sit on my hair until I'm done taking my shower and I rinse it out before I get out.

Then I just follow my everyday routine listed above and let my hair air dry.

Deep Conditioning Routine
This is usually done when I wash my hair at the beginning of the week usually on a Sunday night when I can relax. The conditioner I choose to use depends on what my hair needs I don't use the protein conditioner but once a month. My weekly conditioning product is the Avalon Organics

After washing my hair I use a towel to take some of the excess water away but not too much because I want it to be wet.

I then squeeze a big heap of the conditioner in my hand and distribute evenly through my hair

I then part my hair and run my bottle of Pepper Rose oil down each part on my scalp. The Pepper Rose oil has a very refreshing sent and has wonderful ingredients like Coconut Oil, Castor oil, Virgin Olive oil JoJoba oil and some Essential oils

I place the plastic shower cap or grocery bag on my head go up to my room where my heating cap is already warm and ready to go.

Place the heating cap on my head and watch a good movie while sitting in bed or sometime sit on the computer and blog.

Most times I leave the heating cap on for a few hours, but sometimes I sleep with the cap on all night and rinse the conditioner out during my shower in the morning

Aloe Vera Gel
Silk Elements Conditioner

Vitamin E Oil

Coconut Oil

Pepper Rose Hair Butter

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