Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The First Day of My Liquid Diet

Hey Ladies, Today is the 1st day of my liquid diet and it has been a rough one for me. I get 3 shakes and 2 protein bars a day and that’s it!! I have to find me away to keep me busy!! Starting tomorrow I will be on the treadmill when I get to work for 30-45 minutes!! I have until 08/09/08 to loose 30 lbs or my surgery will have to be rescheduled. Pray for me!!!

Nappturally Yours,



Sunshinelovespeace said...

I did a juice fast for 16 days in the past and while doing my research I learned that when doing a liquid diet it is better to not eat ANYTHING Solid. When you throw chewing into the mix, you will continuously be hungry and you will want to chew.

After three days of only drinking, however, our desire to eat will go away. FOr me that was the case. After day three I was fine. I was able to cook for husband and everything.

See if yu can skip the bars.I think it will make things easier on you.


MoZaic said...

Thanks for the advice Sunshine! I did a liquid diet before a few years ago and it was so so rough for me. I may find it hard to give up the bars because I drink my 1st shake @ 08:30am and I don't go to lunch until about 12:00 or sometimes 1:15 due to business needs. So, I will try to do just one bar instead of 2...help lol