Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Christian (Cmajor) Robinson

Today would have been the 34th birthday of my dear friend Christian. Chris and I dated for 2 years, but circumstances caused us to break up. We remained friends even after all we went through and my  friend passed away on May 15, 2010. He was most known for his musical talents to many, but for me I knew him for his loving nature. I miss talking to him all night about everything even our past romantic relationship. I miss laughing and joking with him about "Bob da builda" lol it was a inside joke we had together. I listen to his music he's recorded to hear  his voice when I think of him.

Christian I miss you so much.......I wish I could hear you say that you love me always just one more time or hear you say No Copies at the end of each conversation.
Christian I love you and Happy Birthday

No Copies

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Anticipating his arrival...........

So, my boo is coming to visit me. I've decided to date again after a year of healing from my last relationship. I call him my Southern Comfort because he's from Georgia and his sexy voice is comforting to my soul. We officially have 4 days left until I get to indulge in his kisses and warm embrace. I'm so ready to just be in his presence I could scream!! Tonight I went to my favorite place the Urban Spirit Cafe and participated in a event they have called the Brush Experience.

At the Brush Experience there is live music and painting! You can paint your own canvas and help paint the mural they have set up to be painted by number. So, I told my boo I would paint him something special and this is what I came up with below and if I say so myself it's pretty darn good LOL!! I will keep 1 half and he will keep the other half! He was so happy when I sent him the pics Im so glad  he likes it.
I Love You Mr. Henton and I anticipate  your arrival...................