Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Wrapped Up

Its time for fall and winter hair care!! Aren't you excited I know that I am!. I love fall and winter fashion but I dont like winter hair care so much lol!

So, I was thinking what can I do to to start off the fall season before I choose a protective style I want to wear this winter. Well, I decided on a head wrap. Since I'm a loose natural I have to twist put it pony tails or braid my hair before bed because my afro is so much longer and before I put on a head wrap I make sure my hair is in some type of protective style.

You can use whatever piece of fabric or old stretchy skirt you have in your closet. I chose a piece of fabric I bought to make a wrap skirt with. Its roughly about 5 yards and I love the pattern. Now keep in mind Im not a head wrap guru so I don't know how to do the typical Erykah baduish African Queen wrap, but I just do whatever looks good on me.

What are your favorite ways to wrap your hair?