Tuesday, May 21, 2013

While I was out

There have been a lot of things happening since the last time I posted a real post to this blog. My life has changed a little and so much is happening everyday. So are a few pics and descriptions of events and moments from the life of MoZaic. I went to Africa had a great time, fell in love with Senegal and the continent of Africa.

Me just the other day

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Me singing at Cinnamon Suites you can find me at about 17 mins or so lol

I went to Senegal in Africa!!! I had a wonderful time and I call this picture "Where it all began"

Cabbies at the airport

The Door of no return at Goree Island

Souley and his sister

Me all wrapped up

The statue of renaissance

Tea Time!!

Cheikh Ibra Fall

The ladies eating lunch

Crusing on La Lac Rose

Hi Mr. Lion

Dancing on the beach

Where we stayed

Me in deep thought on the beach

My Sista in love Mame Faly

Sabar drum party

Papis playing for the dancers

Lunch my favorite Ceebu Jen

A building on the beach

The goats at the house

Drumming at the house

Dance rehearsal in Grand Dakar

My brother Azou!

Me on the night of the drum party

Aita finally put Papa to sleep lol

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Been so long!

It's been a long time since I've posted to this blog! Since I'm back to writing articles again you will see more and more post about Natural hair and Natural living!!