Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Natural Day

Hey Ladies,

There is an event I learned of called Happy Natural Day!! It takes place in Richmond, Va and Atlanta, GA on the 2nd and last weekend in the month of August. I wasn't able to make the Baltimore and Atlanta spring Natural hair shows so this one I will press my way!! The event is held by Brother Manifest I follow him on Twitter at he is very knowlegeable and gives a lot of info on all things natural. You can also follow my natural hair page at . I hope to see some you guys at the event I may go to the one in ATL!!

Check out the website for Happy Natural Day by going to:

Cool Website - FROLAB

I was browsing someones page and I noticed a link to this web site called the FroLab. Of course the name alone caught my attention! Its like a entertainment, fashion, & all things Afrolicious type of website here is a screen print from the site but be sure to check out the site!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Since I've been gone

Hey Ladies here is just a pictorial account of some events I've attended and pics of me, family and my PHAmily

My Lil bro and I
My Nephew on his B-day
Me, LV, & Rissa
Them Nasty Nobles Camel Walking

Suai & I at my PHAve's B-day party
(She can sang check her out at (

Me at LV's Party
Me Playing in my hair I need a new style!!! (HELP)
Me and My PHAvorite J
This is Amir my handsome blue/grey eyed nephew

Natural Hair Basics

Hey Ladies how have you been it’s been quite awhile. Well, I’m back and ready to just jump right in. Here are 10 things that are just basic tips or practices used to help manage and care for your natural hair. The following tips can be used on all curl patterns. Feel free to input on things you’ve found important that you include in your regimen. Enjoy ladies look forward to hearing from you.

Love your hair
It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of natural hair if you don’t fall in love with it. Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is a serious deal for most and it’s hard to let go of the straight and easy manageability of relaxed hair. Embrace your curl pattern! I’m still amazed with my hair and play in it all the time (I have to stop that!)

Always Detangle (wet hair) with a wide tooth comb
Now that you’re natural no more regular Ace comb for you or you will soon find out its nearly impossible for some curl patterns. Invest in a large wide tooth comb to make detangling much easier.

Moisturize & Seal
Natural hair needs and loves moisture! When first go natural most people struggle with finding a moisture balance. My hair is a 4A/4B texture and I fought and fought to find what works for me. I’ve used so many products for moisture its crazy! Now I use a moisturizing conditioner, a spritzer I make and I seal my hair with raw shea butter.

Always wear a silk or satin scarf
Wearing a silk or satin bonnet/scarf when you go to bed is very important.. Wearing a scarf or bonnet protects your hair from split ends, lots of tangles (for loose naturals) and retains moisture. Some say they have still experienced dry hair after using a bonnet I suggest if you’re hair is not loc’d to twist, braid or put in ponytails using a light oil or shea butter before you go to bed and wear with the scarf to help retain some moisture.

Buy a satin pillowcase
Another way to combat dry hair is sleeping with a satin pillow case. Many say that they don’t sleep with a scarf because it slides off. Well, if you have satin pillows you will still save your hair from moisture loss even though the scarf or bonnet has walked off your head.

Less is Best
The fewer products that you use the better! Sometimes we become product junkies looking for the perfect products for our hair. When you find the few staple products that you absolutely can’t live without and stick to them. Using too many different products can lead to build up on the hair and also how do you know which ones are really working?

Use a shampoo with no SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate)
SLS is an ingredient found on almost every product used for cleaning! From fabuloso used for household cleaning to Shampoo SLS is in the mix. SLS is used to create bubbles, but SLS strips your hair and skin of its natural oils. Soaps like Dr. Bonners Castile soap, African black soap and many other natural soaps contain no SLS, leaving your hair soft and moisturized.

Deep condition your hair
Deep conditioning your hair helps moisturize your hair, makes it soft, manageable, adds strength and gives it the nourishment it needs depending on the type of conditioner you are using. Most people use a moisturizing or protein rich conditioner depending on the needs of their hair. Know the difference in which type of conditioner you need to use is a whole post all by its self.

Protective Styling
Natural hair is fragile and if it’s manipulated often you risk breakage, split ends and damage. So style your hair in protective styles like 2-strand twist, buns, braids, sew-in weaves, & bantu-knots

Massage your scalp
There is nothing better than to have your scalp massaged!! Massaging your scalp promotes blood flow to your hair follicles. I massage my scalp with oils like olive, jojoba or coconut oil blends with essential oils in them which will promote growth and it feels so good especially if you have a significant other do it for you.