Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What Does "Good Hair Mean to You"

Hey Ladies,

Here is a video the Hairoine posted on Twitter today I thought was really interesting. With the coming of Chris Rocks new documentary "Good Hair" it does make you wonder what is good hair mean to black women. Please feel free to chime in and tell me what good hair means to you!

You Grow, Girl!

As Chris Rock Airs the Secrets of the Salon, Black Women Untangle Feelings About 'Good Hair'

By DeNeen L. Brown
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Good hair."

These two words were often projected on little black girls by adults. Either you had it -- hair that didn't "need" to be straightened and grew and grew -- or you didn't. If you had it, your status was somehow elevated. If you didn't and you were lucky, you were told you were beautiful by your daddy and by your mama and you believed it. But sometimes you were dismissed, never....to see the article CLICK HERE

The FTC will regulate bloggers

Hey Ladies,

I was online today and I stumbled across an article about the Federal Trade Commission regulating bloggers. My first thought was oh boy just something else for them to stick there nose into. Yet, after reading the article I saw the point they were trying to make. The FTC will regulate giveaways and freebies from other companies that some bloggers get for reviewing or trying one of their products.

In the online hair community people write many reviews about many different products and most of the products people review I believe have bought them on their own. There may be some bloggers who receive samples or incentives for reviewing the products. I wonder does this affect those who blog and give products away?

Well happy blogging and obey the laws! If you wanna read the article CLICK HERE

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