Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Extreme Soft Hair (YEA ME!!!)

Hey Ladies!!,
A few post ago I made some hair butter that I tweaked a little bit and I believe this is the best one yet I've made. I use it everyday in my daily regimen after I shower and let me tell you! My hair stays soft all day with a nice sheen to match! For those of you with Type 4 hair you can clearly relate to frustrations with finding a way to keep your hair soft and moisturized! My hair could be so dry it feels like a Brillo pad literally!!

I knew I really achieved something with my hair while at church one day, when one of the kids told me my hair feels like a pillow!! lol I was so happy!! Now if I could get my edges to be a little more full i would be so happy!! Check out the picks below of my new earrings from Ghana they are so cute and of course my pillow top hair!!

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