Monday, December 8, 2008

On the subject of friends and such

It's funny to find out how much people really are concerned with you. I have 2 friends that live in Cincy and they know the area better than I do because they lived there their entire lives. Well I called both of them for a suggestion on where I could get my hair braided and 1 of them said she didn't know and the other one well never called me back. I hate to assume that she just didn't call me back but it wouldn't be the first time. She's one of those that umm thinks the world revolves around them and if it's not the latest gossip well you can forget it.

I try to return every call, email, letter, message that I receive and I just think it's a lil tacky not to return calls, etc. I have friends I don't talk to everyday but if I call them I know they will answer and willl help a sistah out.

Well, my hair is growing like crazy!!! I now have to find me someone who can braid without pulling brain matter through my scalp!!! No matter how much I stress to the person doing my hair they can't make it that tight she just doesn't seem to understand. So, now it's time to find me a regular braider with a good price. I went to the Africans and they wanted to charge me $85 for some braids braided up and put in a bun and I wanted them kind of big so it would have been maybe 10-12 braids tops. They basically ran me out the door when I heard eight lol...

I'm ready to do the big chop and cut all of the permed ends off because my hair keeps getting tangled, but I want it to be a little bit longer.

Well, I have to go I'm spending time with my boo.....

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