Monday, October 11, 2010

The Cleveland Natural Hair Expo

Hey Divas,

MY COMPUTER IS BACK UP!!!!!! I almost had a stroke when I got back home and couldn't access the internet but I fixed it #Nerdygirl lol

 I went to the Cleveland Natural Hair Expo this past Saturday and I really enjoyed myself!! I got to meet and greet a lot of wonderful people. I ran into one of my twitter friends Sarenzo Beads she's so awesome!! I also got to see my friend E. Michele George the author of "The Knotty Truth" she has a wonderful book go buy it!!! Well, this will be a pictorial story of my visit at the expo and it will take 2 post so enjoy these pics and I'll post more later.


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The knotty Truth said...

ttthat's nice KEISHA!I love what you're doing with the newspaper look.