Monday, October 25, 2010

The making of buttered up #NaturalMixtress

Hey Divas,

I've been a whipped shea butter making fool. I'm fulfilling a large order for someone I have about 50 more jars to make!!! AAAAAHHHHH help me lol!! Here is a pictorial view of some of my process of making whipped butter
Is that Shea butter or is that...... lol Naw its Shea 100% pure

Melting my butter by double boiling

Yay the fun long my arm hurts after doing this part lol

Butter is starting to cool and become a cream

It almost looks like cake batter

Shea Butter fluffy goodness ready to be scented

Yay all mixed lets put it in the jars

The 1st 18 of the 90 million I have left to make lol
My whipped shea butter and other delightful creations will become available for purchase soon. I'm working Company Logo, business names, etc etc. Well, I'm going to bed now!!

Nappturally Yours,


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The knotty Truth said...

Yeyyy! congratulations! I will DEFINITELY support you! I'd like to buy some for christmas presents! hit me up sis!