Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Mean Business

Hello my Napptural Divas!!

I have some exciting news!! I have been playing and playing around with starting my on Natural Bath & Body company, I'm stepping out on faith and getting this thing started. I just bought 10lbs of raw shea butter, fair trade from Ghana!! I'm so so so so did I say so? blessed right now to have found the kind of company I was looking for to supply the shea butter.

I'm very picky about my shea butter. I just can't buy any shea butter or anything that people try to pass as shea butter. So here are a few facts about African Shea butter that get my attention fast.

Shea butter is:....
NOT YELLOW (really its not)
Ivory in color
nutty in smell

Ok I know someone is like YES SHEA BUTTER IS TOO YELLOW lol! Well, my dears I hate to burst you're bubble, but its not. The Shea nut is white when boiled it looks yellow like other oils but when it hardens it should turn back to the ivory color its supposed to be. When you buy yellow Shea butter its either 1 of 2 things. Its ivory Shea butter with a yellow coloring in it or its another butter that comes from the African Butter Tree called the Kpangnan Tree (Pentadesma butyracea) also known as Golden Shea

The Kpangnan tree is native to the country of Togo. This butter is just as good as Shea butter and has some of the same properties as Shea butter. I've noticed the smell of this butter is more nuttier than Shea butter. My friend from Ghana really educated me on the differences and the uses of each butter.

I personally prefer the ivory Shea butter and most people I know look at me strange when I have yellow butter lol

Please keep a look out for the products and I'll be reveling the company name as soon as I get all the legalities taken care of.

I love you guys!!

Nappturally Yours,


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