Saturday, June 13, 2009

Loving my hair!!, but I need your help

Hey Ladies just wanted to post some shots of my hair! It’s been 6 months without any heat touching my hair and 7 months since I’ve had my hair braided. It will be officially a year next month since I made the decision to go natural. I’m excited because it’s growing really well. Now I’m ready to do something different with it, I’ve become bored with my wash go afro. So, I need your help with suggestions on how I should have my hair styled!!!

I don't want to lock it because I love to feel my curls, but I'm not sure how I should get it done!!
Oh My excuse the shiney face LOL

Me and gospel singer Vanessa Bell Armstrong

The soft and fluffy fro

Remember my "I'm so pissed off" post well the bald spot has grown back thanks to hard work!

Working getting my edges a little thicker

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