Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh No Michael Jackson...In the Church???

I posted a link to an article about my church remembering Michael Jackson. Some may not agree with what took place in my church on Sunday morning and that's solely their opinion. We took a portion of our service to remember the art of Michael Jackson because MJ has inspired so many people including musical artist from many different genres including gospel. We didn't glorify Jackson in anyway, because all glory belongs to God. Our urban liturgical dance ministry danced to a remake of MJ's Do you remember the time, by the way the words of the song were changed to "Do you remember the time When HE SAVED YOUR SOUL" calling us to remember when Jesus called us from a life of sin. Also, MJ's Man in the Mirror was sang a very inspirational song that can be sung any where, then the famous Jackson 5's"I'll be there" was sung with some different words to apply it to Jesus saying he'll be there for us.

After the MJ tribute my Pastor preached about the inner issues and problems past and present we all have that we don't want anyone to see or know about. He talked about how Jesus can get into the places in our hearts and mind we don't want anyone to go into and heal our hurts and shames. He talked about how most celebrity persons are tormented everyday by their own personal issues and use their wealth to feed their issue instead of getting help. Drugs, gambling, perverted sexual fantasies, abuses suffered and addictions are all real things many of us face everyday with ourselves personally or we know someone who is struggling in one or more of those areas.

I thank God for a Pastor who can take real world events and make them relevant to church and the purpose of Christ. What ever is in the world that the devil meant for evil God can take it and make it for your good. Never under estimate what God can use and never limit the type of tools that he uses. If God can use a donkey to talk and a Harlot to keep her word, he can use the song "Man in the mirror" to bring people to Christ.

Someone posted a mean comment which I published it anyway to show how people really are and the realness I want all people to see. People dwell on the fact that he may or may not have molested those children. I wasn't there nor were any of us there when it happened, so who are we to judge. We also don't know if he repented for his sins or really what religion he was apart of because we were not there and even if we were what does it mean for us. We can only assume and speculate about the details of MJ's life. Some people will choose to remember him for his faults, his many surgeries, his skin color changing, his marriage, but how many will say or can say I remember when MJ tried to get his life together. He'll be remember for what he did instead of who he is and who he really is we'll never know.

How will you be remembered when you die? What secrets will be revealed about you when you past? In what manner will you be found dead? How many people will remember you as this, that or the other.

Lets just be real for a moment when your drug dealing cousin, sistah, brother or your womanizing pimp of a uncle, or murder of a family member or gang banging kin folks friends or whoever dies you want the church to bury and say nice things about them inspite of their wrong doing, hang ups, sins, or issues. So, whats so wrong with doing the same for Michael?

We're quick to judge others and slow to turn to look in the mirror at ourselves. So think about what could be said about you before you use your tongue to speak about who or what someone else is or did.

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