Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute @ "The Word Church"

Hey everybody,

Yesterday our church did a tribute to Michael Jackson and we were featured on 2 local news stations and in the Columbus Dispatch!! Please click the link below and check out the article from the paper!!!


Anonymous said...

I think this publicity stunt backfired for your church. Those comments are "off the wall" (pun intended) in response to that article. Wow.

MoZaic said...

Well Anonymos,

Thanks for your opinion, but the tribute was not a publicity stunt to say the least. We don't pimp our gifts to bring people to our church. We didn't even ask for the newspaper or news stations to come. They came on their own. You would have to be there to know what really happened. We didn't scrap our worship service to sing MJ songs we scrapped some of the words in the lyrics of the songs and sang them to God.