Saturday, June 13, 2009


People explain me in words, define me in perceptions, sort me by category & label me with titles.
But does your explanation, perception, category or label explain who I AM

Your looks and stares as I walk by tell me truths and tell me lies

But does it tell you whose I AM

Your attitude and lack of gratitude of my talents & gifts tell me what you think of my God given fortitude's

But does it show you who I AM

You heard I was this or heard I was that so your assumptions now assume a position in space that you assume is my life.

But does it tell you where I AM

The way I style my hair, the car that I drive, the clothes that I wear send you into a deep stare

But does it tell you what I HAVE

Everything you see is not what it is; everything you hear is not necessarily what it sounds like.

They say believe none of what you see and half of what you hear because what you see now is not what God sees for my tomorrow, what you heard today may not be the Headline tomorrow.

I am a Child of the King, Woman, Disciple, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Neice, Friend, Lover, Confidant, Worshipper, Praying Warrior, Beautiful, Singer, Song Writer, Poet, Artist, Violists, Faith, Hope, Strength, Pet Lover, and most of all NOT what you say I am

You can try to explain me, define me, sort me, or label me but one thing you will never know is me.

So, explain the me you see and place me in the categories you see fit, label me with everything you want and define me with all words you perceive as true because there will never be a place you can put me.

I’m louder than your words, more complex than your definitions, too large for categories and too perplexing for any label you place on me in your mind.


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Darcel said...

Work it girl! I am working on putting my hair into locks or twists.
I'm going to do my girls hair the same.