Friday, April 10, 2009

The Natural Hair Journey - Detangling!!

Hey Ladies!!!

The next thing on the agenda.....Detangling your hair. Hair washing day is one of my favorite days until I have to detangle my hair. It's easier since I did my big chop and my hair is fairly short. Yet, it's still a task at best!! There are really just three things that you need when it comes to detangling. 1. a wide tooth comb 2. Conditioner and 3. Patience.

The Wide Tooth Comb
The wide tooth comb comes in a variety of sizes, colors, types, and is made out of either plastic or wood. I have that exact comb pictured above I use it everyday to manage my kinky curlies. Unlike smaller tooth combs this comb will almost glide through your hair without pulling your delicate strands out of your head.

The Conditoner
Conditioner will make your hair easy to comb when your detangling your hair and that mean less breakage and manageable hair. The conditioner provides a slip so your hair just slides through the comb.

How to detangle
I typically wash my hair in the shower. It's just easier to detangle in the shower versus hanging my head over a sink. Here are a somes steps to consider when detagling your hair...
  • For long hair part your hair in sections when you wash and condition
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner to each section
  • Slowly detangle each conditioner soaked section with your wide tooth comb
  • Never force the comb through your hair

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