Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm just a little disappointed....

I went to walmart to buy the Eden Bodyworks products and guess what!!! They didn't have them I went to 3 walmarts and all three told me they didn't have the line yet. I was told by the manager that the deal with Eden Bodyworks is fairly recent and it hasn't hit all stores yet.

I called Eden bodyworks to see if there was some where else I could purchase their products but I got no answer and it went to a voicemail. I was really looking forward to reviewing the products this weekend. Well I think I'm gonna have to order them from online now. So, the review will have to wait.

However; I did take small field trip to L'Occitane and I was very pleased with their products and how they are big on using ingredients that are sold and grown Fair trade. L'Occitane products are on medium to high end price range and are great if you feel like splurging on something nice for yourself.

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