Saturday, April 25, 2009


Unexpected expectations based on the high assumptions conjured up in my heart by the words spoken from your mouth that I believed developed in your heart.

Soon I'll make you my wife so that we can live a better life that includes you & me & we & us, all inclusive package deal, a never ending paradise.

Lets wait awhile until we do this, until I save this or until I do that. Only lead to just one more year you'll be here sooner than you think, Which turned into what about spring & then we'll do our thing.

Now I'm broken hearted by what we started. A close but not to close, I'm here & you're there long distance loving. We use to talk everyday & now it seems you don't want to look my way.

What happened to us? where is the love you said you give to me that would make us the we, that we said we would be. Now your vision is clouded by thoughts and actions you share only with your self, never telling me whats wrong or giving me the courtesy to make it right.

Now you bring someone else to take my place. Yet you tell her and you tell me lies upon lies upon lies to try and cover up the flies that hover around the bullsh*t that you've dished out. You thought I'd never find out, you thought you had it all planned out, you thought I'd never talk to her, you thought you found a way out.

I gave you love, honesty, fidelity, trust, forgivness and most of all me. Never will I say I was the perfect one, but at least I can admit my mistakes and stand up for my faults. I still love you, that will always be true and maybe down the road we'll meet again as a better you and a better me so we can be what I pray God wants us to be a better we.

I love you James Alex

Nappturally Yours


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danniebella said...

This has definitely touched me. I'm going through something similar. Thank-you.