Monday, January 12, 2009

I AM SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my braids down because they were too tight and I wanted to save my edges that they were pulling on. Well when I took my hair down my mom happened to be behind me and noticed I had a bald spot in the middle of my head. So I got up took a picture and now I'm ready to fight. This is some bullmess

I'm so mad I could kill somebody!!!!! This doesn't make any sense how in the hell do you braid someones hair completely out!!!!! When the girl was braiding my hair it didn't even hurt but afterwards I said ok this is too tight. I just took them because I could take it anymore and I had something to do that required my hair to be done. Now I don't know what to do!!!!!!

In this picture below you can see where the braids started to pull on my edges. I want to cry I'm so mad this makes no sense.!!!
SO now I have to wait for that to grow back before I can really get my hair styled for real. Please ladies if your briads are too tight take them out don't stand the pain!!!

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