Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hair stylist Update

Hey ladies!!!

Here is my update from the stylist I tried. She is a very sweet person and has a calm spirit. She washed, conditioned and cut my hair. All of the perm has been cut off except for a very little in the front. After the wash she blow dried my hair and flat iron it. At first I was a little sad because all my hair was gone but it slowly but surely grew on me. My hair was so straight people thought I had went back to a perm!! My only complaint is she's a little heavy handed and when she washes your hair she scrubs a little to hard but other than that I would definitely recommend her to people I know!!!

Here is my hair when I was in Michigan it’s day 3 hair. My best friend and I were about to go hang out together.

When I got home from Michigan my scalp started to flake from the harsh -16 degree weather I faced while I was in the Mitten State. So, I washed my hair and conditioned it and here are the pics from my little process I go through.

I washed my hair with Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo. My hair has been so dry and this has worked for me in the past so I used it today it cost about 4.99 at CVS stores.

After I washed it I used Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol Conditioning Treatment by Silk Elements. Now this has mineral oil in it but it makes your hair so so soft and manageable. I sometimes will use 2 conditioners and this time I did. I used Intense Moisture Therapy by Komaza care; this product is now discontinued and they have a different conditioner I'll try as a replacement. I let the conditioner sit in my hair for about 30 minutes covered with a bag and rinsed it out.

I use a large wide tooth come and my wide tooth pick to shape and comb my hair. Then I seal in the moisture with my whipped hair butter I made from shea butter and Olive oil.

Here is the finished outcome a soft and fluffy little fro

OOH Sorry I'm a little sleepy in this pic LOL


rebirth0313 said...

Cute, fluffy fro! The TWA is a good look on you.

MoZaic said...

Thank you Rebirth I adjusting to the look pretty well