Thursday, April 12, 2012

[Seed] Social

This post is not about hair or anything natural hair, but this post will take you to another level of wellness for your business!!

So, there's this crazy farmer I met last year, named Aaron Towns and he is out here working for business owners to make your business better.  This organization is soooooooo awesome! Never have I encountered a person let alone an whole organization that is dedicated to developing business owners and their businesses into the best that they can be through coaching and services all offered in one place.

I'm so excited about this company I can't even successfully tell you all I want to tell yall all I know that this is what you need for your business.

If you are a business owner any where in this world you need to check out [Seed] Social because this organization just may be the 1 thing that you need to push you from talking about your dreams to living your dreams. So, take sometime to read about his company that has me so excited below and look at this video that highlights one of the businesses that is benefiting from this company!!

Their Vision:
[seed]’s vision is to create a WORLD where social status doesn’t dictate quality of life and where community members have EQUAL access to resources and opportunity.  We imagine a world where people are aligned with their gifts/talents and purpose.  Where they are performing the very thing they were DESIGNED to do.  We imagine a world where people not only know who they are and have unlocked their true potential but where people know with unwavering precision how BRILLIANT they are!  The [seed] community is not confined by social standards and our members have access to the unlimited abundance that exists within inches of their fingertips.  We are a new way of life.

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The Hair Gospel said...

Thanks for this post, the Bible speaks on the blessings and abundant harvest when we sow seeds into good ground.

Lives can be transformed for so much good when we give of our time, talent and money. That's what the Gospel is all about.