Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Knotty Truth part 2

Hey Ladies,

As promised today I went a presentation about Natural hair at The Raisin Rack Natural Grocery Store here in Columbus, OH. I had the pleasure of hearing great information about reasons to go natural and stay natural! Like I mentioned in the first post "The Knotty Truth" is a book written by Michelle George.

Michelle talked to a room of about 25-30 women about the truths, stigmas, and scientific side of using chemicals in our hair. I learned that after African American women die and the autopsy is performed; there is a layer of grey matter aka yucky stuff nestled between the skull and scalp caused by the use of perms. I know you're asking well what is this grey yucky stuff underneath our scalps!! Well, according to Michelle it's never been researched what the grey stuff is because there is lack of interest and money in researching the affects of relaxers and other chemicals on African Americans use in their hair.

I've started the book and I've read 3 chapters in an hour!! It's hard to put this book down!! I will be giving a full review of the book in another post and also giving a copy away to a lucky reader. So please stay tuned for more about this already wonderful book I'm reading!!

Michelle George and I
(Excuse My Frizzies I need a trim)


Latisha Grady said...

Kesh you look great girl. Love the look.

Latisha Grady said...

kesh you look beautiful natural.