Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Reason Why I haven't Posted anything

Hey ladies sorry for the gap in post I had a miniature visitor who took up all of my time. My niece Keyah was in town and she was on a mission to see Sponge Bob and Dora!!!! So we got up in the early morning on this past Saturday scooped up my God sis Shayla and went to find Sponge Bob and Dora at the Columbus Auto Show.

Here is Keyah waiting so not patiently to see Dora next to a hot rod

I wished I had a video camera with me when my niece saw Dora walking to the stage it was so funny. She put her left hand on her forehead and waved with her right hand in a very dramatic voice Oh Dora Oh Dora I see Dora I wanna go with Dora!!!!! Approximately 8 minutes later we were able to finally see Dora and Boots!!!
After the little Mousey got to see Dora we had to get back in line for Sponge Bob to come out, who is her absolute favorite character!!!! She just couldn't wait she tried to cut in front of everybody and he hadn't even come out yet. Oh but when he did she was ready to make a break for the stage!!!

Even Shayla decided to get a picture with ole Sponge Bob
After we saw the good ole Dora and Spongey we decided to go Showroom floor Pimpin!!

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