Monday, September 19, 2011

Clean Combs & Brushes: How often do you clean your tools

Another part of taking care of your hair requires clean tools. Combs, brushes, rollers, & clips are all tools we may use while styling and maintaining our hair everyday & they require cleaning often to help us achieve the best results.

No one wants to use the brush filled with hair and caked with product on freshly washed hair so chile

You should clean your tools that you use the most like brushes, combs & even hair bands when you wash your hair. I clean my brushes, combs and Afro pics every week because that’s how often I wash my hair. I usually start cleaning my tools about 30 minutes before I wash my hair, so I will have a clean comb when I detangle.

How I clean my combs, plastic rollers & brushes

Fill bathroom or kitchen sink with warm to hot water enough to cover the brushes & combs

Pour a cup of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in the water to loosen up the oil and product

Let the combs & brushes soak in the water vinegar mixture for about 10 minutes

If the water is cool add more hot water if you want

Pour ¼ cup of castile soap or soap of your choice in the water (You can make it as soapy as you want

I have a little scrub brush for your nails I use to clean the combs & denman brush bristles but an old toothbrush works too.

Other brushes you can let them soak and uses your hands to get any extra buildup off of the bristles

After you have cleaned your tools lay them on a towel to dry & now you can wash your hair!

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