Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brahmi & Neem Treatment

Sunday nights are hair love nights for me. I love to wash and condition my hair to prepare for the next week. So, last night I decided to do a Brahmi & Neem powder treatment on my hair. Brahmi and Neem are herbs found in India and are used for Ayurvedic hair care and medicinal purposes.

Brahmi is a creeping herb and is also known as the water hyssop because of the habitat it loves to grow. Using this herb in your hair will prevent hair loss, premature graying, controls dandruff, promotes growth, Thickens your hair, & strengthens your hairs root. Another benefit of Brahmi that some see as a disadvantage is Brahmi darkens your hair. After using Brahmi people always ask if I dyed my hair jet black, but it’s the Brahmi and not a chemical!


Neem is a part of the evergreen family and its tree can grow as tall as 50ft. Neem is one of nature’s super plants because it has anti-bacterial, fungal, & viral properties. The powder and oil forms of Neem are very beneficial to external & internal health. Neem can be used to treat burns, eczema, ring worm & rashes. If used on the hair it will help control dandruff and eczema. Taken internally Neem will help purify the body and rid it of parasites and worms ewwww! Herbs like Neem are bitter so if you do take this for cleansing purposes you may want to take it in a capsule or put it in a shake to hide the taste.


Ok enough education now on to how to apply this treatment

Things you will need:

1 old plastic container (small-medium butter/margarine tub)

1 Plastic shower cap

1 package of Brahmi Powder

1 package of Neem powder

1 spoon

Relaxer Application brush


Optional Items

Essential Oils for smell

Carrier oil of choice


FYI: Your hair should be sectioned into 4 sections for easy application

If you have TWA to medium sized from like mine you can use about half a package of powder and since we are using 2 powders you want to use & estimate 1/3 of each powder into the bowl

For long hair you will have to use 1 whole package so you will use half brahmi and half neem using a medium sized bowl

Once the powder is in the bowl you want to put water in to make the mixture I use warm water so it won’t be cold on my scalp. I’ve never measured the amount of water I’ve used. Just start slow until you reach the consistency of slightly thick cake batter.

***Oils: If you choose to use oil use a lighter oil and only use a tablespoon you don’t want it to be greasy.

***Essential Oils: You can add oils that promote hair growth and stimulate the scalp like Peppermint, Rosemary, Ylang ylang, & cedarwood. Also to make it smell even better add some lemongrass to the mixture a few drops of each will take away the herby smell from the powders.

Ok now you can apply the mixture to your hair by first taking down one of the sections and apply the mix by making parts in the section like applying perm.

After you have done that to all the sections take the remaining mixture and apply to you hair using your hands.

& be careful not to let it sit on the counter tops too long and can stain a lil bit like henna.

Let the mixture sit on your hair with the shower cap for 30-60mins

Rinse the mixture from your hair in the shower only using water at first

Then use your shampoo or natural soap of choice to wash your hair.

Rinse and repeat about 2 or 3 times to make sure it’s all out then you can condition however you want.

Have fun!!!!

This is a pic from the next day I always sleep in pony tails! Excuse the sloppy parts lol I was sleepy!

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