Saturday, April 10, 2010

Black Soap - Africa's gift to us

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Today I want to talk about one of my favorite skin care products African Black Soap (ABS). African black soap is one of the best soaps I’ve ever used in my life. It’s all natural full vitamin E, vitamin A, Iron and many other good things. When I mention ABS to most people they identify black soap with the Ambi brand or another brand they’ve seen in a commercial store. Usually the black soap found in most commercial stores is actually dyed to be black or has artificial preservatives and fragrances in it.

African black soap is made from tree barks, the peels from plantains, or the pods of the cocoa tree. Depending on the region of Africa the soap was made it’s called something different. In the west African country of Ghana you will find clack soap called Anago Soap or Alata Simena. In Nigeria the soap is called Dudu-osun which simply mean black soap. ABS made in Ghana tends to be lighter and softer than the ABS found in Nigeria. The Nigerian black soap is usually dark brown and harder than the Ghanaian soap. The color and texture of the soap depends on the recipe used to create it. The families that make this wonder soap have passed their secret recipes down to other family members from generation to generation. Black soap has a pretty high glycerin content which makes a great moisturizing soap

I personally prefer the Nigerian Dudu-Osun soap over the black soap from Ghana and its not that one is better than the other. The Nigerian soap holds a better shape and is more like the harder soaps we use everyday. The Ghanaian soap is more malleable and doesn’t do to well on a towel b/c its always changing shape. When I buy the Ghanaian soap I just rub it on my body.

Black soap is great for using on:
  • Acne
  • Blemishes
  • Moisturizing skin
  • Removing make-up
  • Soothing eczema
Here is a picture of Dudu-Osun, which is black soap from the country of Nigeria

This is a picture of black soap from the country of Ghana

So, if you haven’t tried or have been afraid to try African black soap please go to your local African market or Pan-Afrikan store to find your first bar or hunk of black soap and experience the gift of beautiful skin. I assure you that you want be disappointed.

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Antropia Luna said...

Thank you for the tip on the Dudu-Osun soap, this is new information for me on the richest most natural soap experience.