Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REPOST--Winter Hair & Skin Care

Hey ladies it's about that time of year!!!

Fall, Winter, cold, wet, & dry everyday is a new weather adventure! I love the fall months because of the different colors and smell of the leaves in the air. I also like winter. I grew up in Michigan so I've had my fair share of snowy days sledding at the park or down the neighbors driveway!! I remember being little playing outside with my pink snow suit on & my hair hanging outside of my hat wet from the snow. Now a days I will not paying in the snow, instead I'll be dreading my drive to work! I wont be able to do the quick wash and go styles now I need a better thought out plan!

My Hair and Skin in the winter are like oil and water it's doesn't mix well. One of my biggest fears is dry skin & hair, so I'm constantly moisturizing my hands and hair. Here are a few tips to help you get through the winter months.

For your hair

Put a hat on your head!

I can hear my mother yelling this now! Protect your hair from the winds and snow. Line your hats with a satin liner or wear a satin bonnet underneath so you can prevent the your hair from getting snagged in the fabric and drying your hair out.

Time for the heavy oils and butters

It's time to put the castor oil and the shea butter to use to help seal the moisture in your hair from the cold air and blustery winds. Moisture will be a priority during this season, so be prepared. I hate the way castor oil feels on dry hair so I always apply it when my hair is damp it distributes easily to me. I use shea butter all year round it's a staple in my everyday routine.

Less washing please

I wet my hair everyday in the summer months and seal with oils or shea. This wont be the case so much in the winter. limit your hair washing to maybe once or twice a week now including co-washing if you do that. Wet hair takes longer to dry in cold air and plus you're setting yourself up to catch a cold! Wash your hair at night and make sure your hair is not dripping wet before going outside. If you're like me with a TWA well it's not as easy for us. Depending on the size of your afro you need to allow your hair some drying time. If your afro is big make sure you are putting your hair in protective ponytails or braids so you can easily comb your hair out in the morning and go.

Condition your hair

Make sure you're conditioning your hair after you wash, especially deep conditioning. If you haven't already invest in a good heating cap to help your hair take in all it can from the conditioner. I also include a hot oil treatment while I'm deep conditioning instead of doing them separate.

For your face

NO DRYING SOAPS ON THE FACE!! & Moisturize Please

If all possible don't use soap straight on your face. Soap is drying and so is the winter air, don't add insult to injury. Use gentle glycerin soaps, moisturizing bars or natural castile soaps. I use a gentle cleanser made from 8oz of distilled water 1/4 teaspoon of Dr. Bonners peppermint castile soap and I gently clean my face using my hands only. Never rub your face dry with a towel just pat it dry. Next I use a dab of shea butter to seal in the moisture and I know you're like why are you putting that on your face!! Well, when I put it on my hands after I rub it in I use whats left on my face and it doesn't cause me to breakout either. The added benefit of the shea butter is it make dark marks disappear so, bye bye blemish and hello moisturized face.

Stay hydrated & exfoliate
Keeping your body hydrated is important to making sure your skin stays soft from the inside out. Exfoliating is important for removing dead skin cells from your face. Use a gentle exfoliater like a finely ground sugar scrub or one with oatmeal in it. You only want to do this once every two weeks. If you exfoliate too much you will have dryer skin.

Well, thats all I have for today if you have any tips on how to protect your hair and skin from old man winter let a sistah know so I can share it with everybody!!

Nappturally Yours,


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organic lipstick said...

Truly good guidance here...less washing of the hair helps and heavy oils too.I am using Olive oil...castor oil makes me catch a cold.