Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My interview with Lisa McClendon...The Natural Journey Series Part 1

Hey ladies this is surprise# 1 I was granted an interview with Gospel singer Lisa McClendon!!! let me tell you!! It was such a blessing to know that someone as busy as Lisa McClendon took the time to do and interview with me. I'm not even excited about her celebrity I'm excited about her ministry. This interview is the begining of many things that I will be doing on a series I call "The Natural Hair Journey" The interview is below Stay tuned for more.....


Hi Lisa first and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to talk too little ole me and playing a part in the natural hair journey interview. Growing up most black women had their hair braided, curled, pressed or hot combed as children. When we become pre-teens or teenagers, our parents decided to perm our hair. Has your hair always been natural or was it a decision you made later in life? If going natural was your decision please explain why?

Lisa: I have not always been natural. I decided to go natural in 2007 and I LOVE IT!! One day, after wearing weaves for some time, I realized that I'd lost almost all the hair in the top of my head. I shared it with my girlfriends (who happened to have been natural for years) one night while we were hanging out. They challenged me to go natural after we all realized I had lost my identity in my looks. I was terrified of going natural at first. But after I was convinced it was the best thing for my hair, I realized that I was even more beautiful naturally.

MoZaic: Going natural can be a test of your faith and patience. While I was transitioning I wanted to go back to getting perms because it was so hard to transition, but the Lord spoke to me saying “can you work with what I’ve given you?” Who would have known growing my perm out would be spiritual. So, because my faith was tested it motivated me to continue my journey. What advice would you give other women who are struggling with transitioning or those who are thinking of transitioning but scared to go through with it?

Lisa: It is definitely a spiritual journey. Being natural challenges you to know who you are. You no longer have anything to hide behind.You are challenged to see the real beauty beneath the "enhancements." My advice would be to get ready to be challenged from the inside as well as from the outside. You will want to go back to your comfort zone but honestly it is the best thing for our hair as women of color. Chemically treated hair can lead to so many health risk and it is just not worth it.

MoZaic: One of the many road blocks people face while going natural or thinking of going natural is people who have negative thoughts and opinions about natural hair. As a singer you’re apart of an industry where your looks matter and the genre of music you sing people usually expect you to wear a two piece skirt suit with shoes, a lap napkin, a purse, and big hat to match. As a person with natural hair not just a gospel artist with natural hair, what challenges have you faced, how do you manage the comments and unsolicited suggestions from other people?

Lisa: I actually have not had any negative feedback. Most comments I get are women who want to go natural too, who either one don't have the guts just yet or who make the decision to do it after seeing me step out and do it. I don't let the industry box me in to sound or looks. I am who I am, just how God made me, natural.

MoZaic: On almost every natural hair blog or forum on the internet, the biggest topics are about hair products. What type of hair products do you use? Are you cautious about certain ingredients in products like petroleum, mineral oil, & parabens?

Lisa: I am definitely cautious of mineral oil. I stay clear of that when at all possible. I do use bee's wax, tea tree oil, and lavendar oil in my hair. The hair line that I stick to is Eden Bodyworks. I love their hair care line.

MoZaic: My last question for you is not about hair. Like me there are a lot of people who have been anticipating your new release “Reality”. Please tell us about the project and what you hope for people to experience when they are listening to it.

Lisa: "Reality" will release on April 28th. This is my best album yet, hands down. You expect the sound and lyrical content of realness. I address some real issues on this album. The album starts off with "Who I am", as song that allows me to reintroduce myself with the boldness and confidence that God gave me. The single of the album, "Pause" is what I call the busy woman's anthem. Often we are too busy to be still and get overwhelmed and burnt out. Pause reminds us to take the opportunity to create your own pause moment and get away from it all.

Peace and Pause

New Lisa McClendon album, "Reality", in stores 4.28.09.





innarae said...

Congrats to you. Just read the interview and it's lovely. Thanks for stopping by ymib to share.

Kcurly said...

Good interview, enjoyed reading it!

Tara said...

I've known Lisa since elementary school. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. I applaud her hard work and success, but mostly staying on the right track and keeping our Lord first. She is something our little town can be proud of.